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BOOK: Choose The Life You Want | Tal Ben-Shahar, PhD

If you will check my shelf, these are the kinds of books you will see πŸ’• self-help books πŸ“š Background of the Author Summary The “big decisions” in life – marriage, children, career path – are not the only ones that determine our happiness. In fact, the countless small choices we make every day – […]

Very Important Things to Ponder Before You Can Start Making Money Online

It is very easy to generate real cash from the Internet. As long as you are really interested to exert some efforts, then all what you thought was just a dream, you will be given a power to make it a reality. Take it from ME! I always remind myself about some lines I have […]

How To Stay Positive When Life Gives So Many Problems

If everyone realizes the power of our mind, we would all be afraid to think of negative thoughts. However, it is never the nature of human beings to like attracting bad things. Yet, life is sometimes so tricky that no matter how we strive each day to stay happy, there are just these happenings that […]

Travel | Two Dreams Unlocked in One Getaway

I really want to visit one of the places in Bukidnon-Davao Road before and Faidah wants to be in places beyond Davao City – this is both our first time, one travel but two dreams were unlocked! πŸ’• This is the fruit of our labor as we both spent our time during the last few […]

How to gain self-confidence?

Self-confidence is an essential part of humanity. Since, humans are social beings; we are prone to interaction and relationship with other people. Self-confidence is a great foundation of our existence in order for us to express ourselves better. Being confident doesn’t mean you are bragging about yourself. Instead, being confident will help a person to […]

How well do you know your life?

Do you know the real essence of life? How will you define the state of your life as of this moment? Are you happy with what you have right now? Things around us contribute a lot to our existence. We are able to have the kind of life that we have based on how we […]

9 Best Ways to Be Successful In Life in 2018

Life is full of uncertainties. Regardless of your age, where you live, or what your goals are, it is probably your ultimate aim in life to be happy and contented. In most cases, achieving happiness and contentment defines SUCCESS. To be successful not only means having money and be famous all over the world. It […]

3 Tips On How To Take Care Of A Friendship

Being with the people you love is the most wonderful feeling in this world. Being with a friend, hanging out with these special people, doing some stuffs that you haven’t done yet, wandering anywhere – making more memories together makes us feel better.   Friendship is the mother of all relationships. You can befriend anyone. […]

Quote Collection 01

Fill the paper with the beatings of your heart. Let the reader know what you’ve got She may cry, wonder or laugh a lot Make her day happy, Or you may also make her mad.   Every beat is a sign These are deciphered codes of your mind Each word symbolizes a thing It may […]

3 Cool Stay At Home Date Night Ideas That Help You Save More For The Real Romantic Date

You do not need to be outside always. This relationship advice is actually true. Whether you’re on a tight budget, or you just wanted to do something special with your partner, you can do it without spending too much.   By doing stay at home date night ideas more often, you can save some of […]

5 Tips On How To Comfort Yourself After A Failed Test Examination

  It is never an easy thing to deal with your disappointments after a failed test examination. But, there is no need to fret, if you are not yet happy, it is not yet the end of that journey. No matter how hard things may be, you need to help yourself.   This is hard […]

3 Tips On How to Refresh Your Mind After A Very Long Busy Day

An exasperating day may end, but stress can escort you until night. Save yourself and REFRESH! There are many stressors in life. Some are triggered by our own actions, but most of the times these agents of stress are brought by external factors. The good news is that no matter how stressed we get, we […]

How Investing in Can Change Your Life

Achieving financial freedom is for me a lifetime goal. With loads of bills to take care of every month, we can barely keep some cents for rainy days, it seemed to be next to IMPOSSIBLE πŸ™ However, without changing that mindset, we will never be able to SAVE! Our mind is so powerful that it […]

Parked Trailer Truck Contains 8 Dead Bodies

Walmart, San Antonio – In Sunday morning, a shocking image of eight dead people was found inside the 18-wheeler truck, which the police called another case of human trafficking. Along with the dead bodies, there were 30 more alive people inside the truck that were hurriedly transported to nearby hospitals in the area. Another eight […]