3 Cool Stay At Home Date Night Ideas That Help You Save More For The Real Romantic Date


You do not need to be outside always. This relationship advice is actually true. Whether you’re on a tight budget, or you just wanted to do something special with your partner, you can do it without spending too much.


By doing stay at home date night ideas more often, you can save some of your money in planning for a real romantic date, whether you wish to travel to Paris or treat your partner in the most expensive restaurant. You can more savor the moment when you have prepared for it, without any worries of how much you are spending, because your pocket is READY.


Here are some suggestions Jed and I have tried.


Love Basket


If you have sensed that, your partner doesn’t have plans in getting off the bed, then do something creative. I have tried this and I thought that time it will simply just going to be a waste of time and effort, but actually, it worked.


You look for a basket, fill it with your favorite goodies, light the room up with some scented candles and pair it with wine. The entire room will surely be filled with romantic scenery and you can now watch series of movies the whole day.


By doing this, your partner will always feel loved and desired since you have made some extra effort in making a supposed to be another boring day into a romantic one.


Prepare Some Delicious Meals


Although it is true that sometimes, home-made recipes are expensive than just by eating outside. However, the added ingredients of love and care are something you cannot buy from the classiest restaurant.


Surprise your partner with the most delicious meal you can cook. Just make sure, that you will not be spending too much for this since you still have plans to travel. Pick a recipe, which demands not much of expensive ingredients. Let your partner taste your pure intentions of making him or her loved.


Roof Dates are the Best


Having a conversation with your loved one is one the best music you surely want to play every night. Roof dates shouldn’t be taken from the list as this is one of the most romantic dates.


You can add a drink for two, get some blankets and enjoy the natural lights from the sky.


“Just by writing this tip makes me want to do it now. Night talks with him are just my favorites.”


How about you? What are other stay-at-home date night ideas you do with your loved one that you would like to share?  

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