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My Amazing Thailand Journey (Part 1)| Experience Beyond Words

It took me two years to plan for this trip. It was a dream and the burning desire to realize it became more intense when I finally got my chance to do what I really want to do. The first attempt was a failure because all the money I saved …

BOOK: Choose The Life You Want | Tal Ben-Shahar, PhD

If you will check my shelf, these are the kinds of books you will see 💕 self-help books 📚 Background of the Author Summary The “big decisions” in life – marriage, children, career path – are not the only ones that determine our happiness. In fact, the countless small choices …

Very Important Things to Ponder Before You Can Start Making Money Online

It is very easy to generate real cash from the Internet. As long as you are really interested to exert some efforts, then all what you thought was just a dream, you will be given a power to make it a reality. Take it from ME! I always remind myself …