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3 Tips On How To Take Care Of A Friendship

Being with the people you love is the most wonderful feeling in this world. Being with a friend, hanging out with these special people, doing some stuffs that you haven’t done yet, wandering anywhere – making more memories together makes us feel better.


Friendship is the mother of all relationships. You can befriend anyone. Whether your mom, dad, siblings, your boyfriend/girlfriend, your best friends, or even with the strangers. This kind of relationship is the foundation of everything that will build a better place for a great and happier life.


Here are some tips that my friends and I have been practicing which I knew would be of great help to you and your lovely best friends in life.


1) Respect each other the way you respect yourself.

No matter how close you are with your friends, no matter how you already know each other, still you must have to respect your both decisions and perceptions in life. Friends are the ones we can lean on when we are in times of struggles. It is necessary to understand your own feelings about a certain situation and try to see it as an opportunity to know each other better than anybody else.


2) Give each other something memorable.

In our case, we tend to give letters, gifts, time and attention to each other. It doesn’t mean that you always have to give gifts or meet up every day and hang out. But despite the fact of being busy, we can still exchange and share our thoughts and life experiences through sending letters and sometimes giving gifts to each other. Through this, we can make our friends realize how special they are in our life and how we value them.


3) Don’t hide feelings or secrets.

If you feel something bad about your friends because they forgot to text you or they fail to greet you on your birthday, talk to them immediately. Do not wait for a long time to hide what you feel about them. They will understand why you are having this feeling and they might do something for you to lighten up your mood.


Remember that friendship is a relationship that conquers the world. Love your friends and make them realize how you treasure them.

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