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BOOK: Choose The Life You Want | Tal Ben-Shahar, PhD

If you will check my shelf, these are the kinds of books you will see 💕 self-help books 📚

Background of the Author


The “big decisions” in life – marriage, children, career path – are not the only ones that determine our happiness. In fact, the countless small choices we make every day – almost without thinking – can have a profound, cumulative, and lasting impact on how happy we are. In this engaging and enlightening book, Tal Ben-Shahar, PhD, reveals 101 such choices just waiting to be acted upon.

Personal Note

This book is my “good to go” book. I bring it always as long as it is with me (many of my friends borrow this). Every time I lost track of my sanity on when was the last time I found and make use of it, I seek counsel from this book.

Ben-Shahar has these words that are so enlightening. The shared stories for each “choice” are all thought provoking.

This book has been my daily dose of inspiration. It bears the words I needed to lighten up my mood, especially during stressful days.

At work, before I start my daily tasks, I spend 15 minutes of my time just randomly reading the words written in this book.

No flip of the page have not sent any comfort and warmth to my heart. Every word is worth contemplating.

Every second spent with this book is worth the while 📚

I got this from National Book Store, Abreeza Davao.

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