How to gain self-confidence?


Self-confidence is an essential part of humanity. Since, humans are social beings; we are prone to interaction and relationship with other people. Self-confidence is a great foundation of our existence in order for us to express ourselves better. Being confident doesn’t mean you are bragging about yourself. Instead, being confident will help a person to like themselves, to be willing to take risks to achieve their goals in life and think positively about the future. People who lack self-confidence are more likely to think that they cannot achieve their goals and tend to have a negative perspective about their lives and the worst case, about themselves. Building self-confidence requires you to develop a positive attitude about yourself and your social interactions while also learning to handle any negative emotions that arise and trying to practice greater self-respect and care. And the following might help you adjust your focus and direct yourself in building self-confidence.

  • Acknowledge your negative thoughts

-Negative thoughts greatly contribute to a failure of someone’s plan in life. These thoughts will instead pull you back in your comfort zone where you can’t harvest new learning and experiences. Try to identify your negative thoughts and devise some ways to manage it. As experts say, it was all in the mind.


  • Make negativity into positivity

-Negative thinking will surely result to negative things. On the other hand, positive thinking will surely result in positive things as well. Instead, of worrying about everything in your life, why not think positively? Always encourage yourself to be successful someday by reminding yourself about the things you wanted to achieve. You can have a self-talk in the form of positive affirmations, such as “I can do it”, “I’m going to try it” or “I can be successful if I work on it”. Start with just a few possible thoughts a day.


  • Build a positive support network

-Always have connections with those close to you, whether they are family or friends, to keep your viewpoint uplifted. Moreover, don’t mingle with people or things that make you feel bad.


  • Identify your talents and skills

-All of us are given unique talents and skills. All of us are good at something. So discover the things at which you excel, and focus on it. Focus on your craft. We’re always comfortable in doing things that we like. We are more confident in making stuff that is in line with our passion. So, focus on the things you wanted to accomplish and dwell on it.


  • Take pride in yourself

-Do not limit yourself to feel proud of your talents and skills. You should also think about the things that makes your personality great. It could be your sense of humor, your sense of compassion, your listening skills or your ability to cope with the pressure. You might think there’s nothing special about your personality, but if you know yourself deeper, you will realize that you have a lot of admirable qualities. Focus on them by writing them down and posting it in a place where you can often see it to keep you remember it always.


  • Be patient with yourself

-Sometimes you go backwards to go forwards. Gaining self-confidence does not happen overnight. Sometimes, you will fail and sometimes you will not meet your expectations. Be patient and remind yourself to take every failure as an opportunity to improve and enhance your self-confidence little by little. It’s okay to take it slowly but surely.

7)  Stay away from perfectionism

-Perfectionism disables you from accomplishing your goals. If you feel something has to be done perfectly, then you’ll never be truly happy with yourself or your circumstances. Instead, focus on learning and appreciating a job well done instead of wanting it to be perfect.  Furthermore, nobody’s perfect so just do your best and accept the reality of what you can and cannot do.


How about you, what other tips can you share? Feel free to leave a comment below.


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