Parked Trailer Truck Contains 8 Dead Bodies


Walmart, San Antonio – In Sunday morning, a shocking image of eight dead people was found inside the 18-wheeler truck, which the police called another case of human trafficking.

Along with the dead bodies, there were 30 more alive people inside the truck that were hurriedly transported to nearby hospitals in the area. Another eight of those were tagged as people with less critical injuries.

In the investigation, the police took hold of the driver of the vehicle and found out that the truck has no working air conditioning system, which might have possibly contributed to the death of the victims.

According to the McManus, the Police Chief of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, they are looking into human trafficking crime.

The store employee, who was approached by someone from the truck asking for water, called the police because of the noticed suspicious activities he observed. That is the only time when the authorities were alerted of the horrific tragedy.

According to the surveillance video of the store, there were people who came out from the truck who fled to woods and did not leave any tracks.

There was no record also, of where the truck originally came from. The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement personnel are still doing thorough investigation.

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