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Travel | Two Dreams Unlocked in One Getaway

I really want to visit one of the places in Bukidnon-Davao Road before and Faidah wants to be in places beyond Davao City – this is both our first time, one travel but two dreams were unlocked! πŸ’•

This is the fruit of our labor as we both spent our time during the last few weeks doing different tasks offline and online and we both agreed that we needed a break.

It was her birthday, but since she doesn’t celebrate one, we just celebrated our friendship that day. We ate lots of foods because everything we ordered were all delicious.

The funny thing about this trip is that we still had two tasks to be accomplished before we rode the bus that took us here. Anyways, tasked were accomplished smoothly. The odds were really on our favor. 😁

We were both excited. I do not know with Faidah, but part of me was scared for this trip because that was the first time that I travelled with my younger nonbiological sister and so far the farthest we have reached. But since we really asked permission from her parents, that somehow I guess blessed this journey.

We arrived with an empty stomach, but we were so amazed with the cottage we booked. It felt like we were really in the place where we needed to be. It was so cozy. Everything is simple, but embracing.

We stayed there for a night and we took off during lunch time. The caretakers were all so friendly and accommodating. There were random people who also dropped by the place. Some just took pictures (no entrance fee) while some had their snacks and meals at Cafe Binukid.

Here are some details you should know if you would like to visit Highway 81:

β˜‘ How to Get There:

From Davao City, ride a Rural Transit Bus Cagayan-Davao Route and just tell the Driver or Conductor. In our case, they do not know the place πŸ˜… I mean they are not sure if they know the place, but it did not stop us, GOOGLE MAPS helped us so much. The fare was 155, but from Buda to Davao, it is 170 per head.

β˜‘ It has no entrance fee. You have the option to book your cottage or you may stay at Seagull High Mountain Resort, just a 3-minute walk from Highway 81 because the cottages there are cheaper. But since our destination was Highway 81, we decided to stay there and got our room for PHP 1,800 with free breakfast.

It was suggested to make reservations but I requested the owner that I will pay when we arrive and he/she allowed it.

β˜‘ What to Bring:

βœ”Bring your jacket with you.

βœ”Bring Socks.

βœ”Bring also OFF Lotion.

Final Thoughts

Highway 81 is a great place to visit if you want to have a break from the real world. The view of the Mountain Fogs was so comforting. It was so cold, but the place can provide you with warmth inside.

I was so fortunate that I had this trip with my best friend. We talked a lot of things. We watched movies we downloaded to Netflix. We talked about the books we read. We talked about our dreams. We cried. We cried a lot. We were crazy, but we were both happy.

How about you, who would you want to bring here?

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