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Very Important Things to Ponder Before You Can Start Making Money Online

It is very easy to generate real cash from the Internet.

As long as you are really interested to exert some efforts, then all what you thought was just a dream, you will be given a power to make it a reality.

Take it from ME!

I always remind myself about some lines I have read in one of the articles of Mark Manson when he said that “…many love the idea of being on top of the mountain, yet only a few of these people are willing to climb”.

The same goes with money making online. You could be imagining yourself just wearing your pajamas while doing some online jobs – staying home and doing some tasks just any time you want to work.

In some instances, those things are the realities of generating real cash from the web. But, that does not mean that you are already excuse from stress.

You will still be stressed.

You will be very tired.

There will be beating of deadlines.

There will be bosses (your clients) that are mean.

It is actually almost the same story when you do day jobs or those night shifts office jobs and field works.

That is the reason why, I could say that making money online is not for everyone. However, this opportunity is for all.

Now, the truth about making money online is that you are required to learn new things – both exciting and very challenging and most of the times excruciating.

I am not trying to discourage you. It is just that I am giving you the orientation. I am no expert here, but I had my experiences as proof.

As a freelance writer, I started part time and jumped as full time writer and then went back again to rendering sleepless nights doing article writing tasks as I have my fulltime teaching day job.

I have experienced losing clients. This is not just because of the deadline I was not able to beat, but also some super high standards I was not able to meet.

I was scammed – many times.

Yet, I continued climbing.

I love the idea of being a freelance writer, a blogger who gets to spend a day just writing things and sharing it to the world.

I can say that I am way too far from reaching the top. I am still learning things and I ain’t gonna give up.

Writing is not just the only route to make money online. There are lots and I already lost my count.

You can always try whatever that fits you – your skills, abilities, expertise and fields of interest.

Again, the road is crooked and steep. When will your journey begin and can you tell, how long can you keep climbing?

Good luck! 💕

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